Have You Heard Of Pink Chocolate?

Published on July 10, 2022

Trader Joe’s is literally heaven on earth. They gifted us with the wonder that is cookie butter, affordable healthy food, and incredible indulgent snacks, all within our budgets. It seems like Trader Joe’s knows what we want even before we know what we want.

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In keeping with the trend that is popping up everywhere, Trader Joe’s is jumping on the millennial pink with its new pink chocolate. Now, this isn’t just white chocolate with a bit of food coloring. This is actually pink chocolate. How is this possible? Let’s find out.

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The lightly hued chocolate was created by food scientists in 2017 and is produced from red cocoa bean. The bean produces a red colored cacao and is all natural and dye-free. The other trait that makes it special is its unique flavor, which isn’t milky or bitter but rather fruity and lusciously smooth.

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The chocolate was announced at an exclusive event in Shanghai, China and for a long period of time was only available to the community of food scientists. It was also featured as the star ingredient at the 2018 Oscars Governers Ball dinner party. It seemed unfair that the pink chocolate wasn’t available to the general public.

All that changes now, as the sweet treat is now available at Trader Joe’s, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg either. It will be sold for $2.99 per 5 oz. bag, which will allow the pink sensation to become a mainstream delight. The pink chocolate is perfect for pairing with berries and will certainly be a classic chocolate used for Valentine’s Day and other love-themed events.

Are you excited to try the new pink chocolate?

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