Police Arrest Young Girl After She Finds 700-Year-Old Coin

Published on August 10, 2020

Kate Faced a Shocking and Painful Loss

Kate was very excited when she found her coin, but her excitement would be short-lived. Kate found the coin while helping her mother in the garden. Tragically, only a few short months after she found the coin in the garden, Kate lost her mother. Losing a parent is painful, no matter how old you are, but it can be even worse for children. Poor Kate was only nine when her mother died.

An Unexpected And Painful Loss An Unexpected And Painful Loss

The Rediscovery

After hiding the coin in her dresser, Kate did not give it much thought. She had moved on to something else, and the coin, her secret treasure, was quickly forgotten. She did not think about the coin again for almost 14 years and only found it when she was packing up her room to move and go to University. Kate had kept her coin a secret from everyone the entire time.


She Rediscovered The Lost Treasure She Rediscovered The Lost Treasure